Many states including Michigan have now been allowing the growing of medical marijuana. It is considered as a federal crime to plant and sell marijuana without a legal license from legal authorities that are responsible on licensing that particular business. For a plant to have being allowed to be grown by particular person, there are several requirements that are mandatory to be attended.

There are particular factors that are supposed to be considered by the local laws in order for one to be licensed as a marijuana grower. In Michigan, there are laws based by the government to be  in order to guide marijuana growers. These laws are expected to run the process of growing the plant for medical purposes. When one fails to meet the requirements, he or she won’t be given permission by the authority.

Before one decides to start growing them, you should seek advice from the law experts. These will make you understand the laws acting on the growing of the Marijuana.



License applicants are supposed to check on following factors to know if they are eligible.

1. One must be able to explain in details on how he will use the plant. The plant must not be used in illegal uses. For one to get the license on growing of the marijuana plant, good explanation of running, maintaining and usage of the plant is highly required by the Michigan law.

2. The applicant of the license must be legally clean. The applicant of above should not have been jailed, being accused in the court of law, and reversed for appeal in the court of law or being pardoned in the court.

3. Anyone who is looking to apply for the license of growing Marijuana must have a clean and clear history of tax payment to the local government. He or she must be paying his taxes on time without being pressurized to do that. In Michigan it is a must to everyone who has earnings, to pay taxes that are based by the local laws. As an applier for the license it is a mandatory factor.

4. Applicants of this particular license should not be members of the medical marijuana licensing board. This is regulated in order to ensure that the applicant won’t be licensed under nepotism bases. This would also allow the regulatory board to monitor the applicant to the base without friendliness.

5. The applicant must be a Michigan citizen for at least two years. The applicant must also be a local resident. This, meaning that one must have stayed in the state for at least two years. This rule turns active on June 30th 2018.

6. People who apply for a permit to grow medical marijuana must have a good history for their businesses. These applicants should not have any problems with the business regulatory system. This means any one in need of a license to grow the medical marijuana should have no prior history of his or her business.

7. Within a period of seven years the applicant of medical marijuana license should not have any prior of bankruptcy history with any local bank.

8. The applicant of the license should not have any knowingly false application ever filed. One won’t be allowed to get a license on growing the medical marijuana if he is found not able to raise enough money to insure the business.

9. Any applicant must have the ability to obtain casualty insurance and sufficient premises liability. The applicant must have enough land to grow the medical marijuana.

10. The applicant must have been in the past 5 years not being convicted of any misdemeanor pertaining to controlled substance, dishonesty, theft or fraud in any state, or found in any way responsible for violating a single local ordinance in any state.

11. For you to get a medical marijuana growers license in Michigan, you must not be an elected official. This will highly help in exclusion of nepotism and corruption on the board.

12. The applicant for medical marijuana growers’ license must have the ability to purchase the insurance for the practice. This to ensure that will be able to insure the businesses.

13. The applicant of this particular license must have a clear way to get the finance required on the growing of the plant. This means they may include savings in the bank, borrowing in the financing institutes or any other legal means. This is to ensure the applicant of this license has good means of running the program.


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