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    The Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4-2 in favor of a petition calling for the addition of autism to the list o [...]

    Residents in Michigan may submit medical conditions to LARA in order for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel to revie [...]

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    Curaleaf continued its march to become a truly national cannabis company with its $875 million acqui [...]

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    News content on Marijuana.com is being reborn as Weedmaps News at news.weedmaps.com. While our URL h [...]

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    Joe Klare discusses legalization and the black market, the disadvantages of decriminalization versus [...]

  • High Times

    Mental health experts warn that cannabis may not be a suitable treatment for bipolar disorder. The p [...]

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    A new study finds more than 70 percent of addiction clinicians favor the legalization of medical can [...]

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    The post HempFlax at 25: Building on a legacy of innovation was originally published on HempToday™. [...]

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    Try out these arousing cannabis strains that'll have your summertime romance feeling full of ro [...]

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    While there are many products available that claim to have miraculous benefits from CBD, what can yo [...]

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    About two-thirds of the 219 staff positions in California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control are unfilled, [...]

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    Commissioner Nikki Fried hopes to pass regulations on CBD by September. [...]

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    Study debunks claims against cannabis retail - A new study, 'Special Report: Debunking Dispensa [...]

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    Members of the US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry will hear expert testimon [...]

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    Check Out These 7/10 Sales On Dab Rigs, Heady Glass, Vaporizers and More! | Sponsored Content 7/10 i [...]

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    After many years of suffering from terrible pains with each passing month, I finally tried marijuana [...]

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    Andre Bourque Predictions that predate where the American cannabis industry is today, a book into wh [...]

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    Now clear to fly the friendly skies: hemp-derived CBD, and FDA-approved medicine containing CBD.