NOTE: It is currently illegal to operate a  
  Mobile Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center (Dispensary) in Michigan!  


To start any business whether mobile or compound based business, there are steps that should closely be followed for that particular business to succeed.

Mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary) business means that the seller or the producer offers transport or delivery of the product that one deals with. This is where by you deliver the services from patient to patient to their premises.
For one to start a mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary) that is specified on medical Marijuana, there are also specific steps that are required to be followed.

Here are some factors that one requires to consider whenever they decide to start the business.

First of all, things to consider are the state’s law on the same. Each state has its specific rules and regulations on growing and distributing the medicinal marijuana. For one to start the mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary), one must ensure that he or she has fulfilled all the rules required by their particular state. There are specific rules in parts of the USA that are of concern to authorities in the particular state. For you to start the mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary), one must be ready to follow all rules that are supposed to be followed. For one to be on the safer side of the law, one needs to seek an expert on the state’s rules and guidelines. You therefore need to consult a medical marijuana attorney for advice and guidance on delivery of the Provisioning Center (Dispensary) services.

One needs to seek information from all the websites and other informative sources about the starting process of the mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary). This would highly assist in the program that you will be starting.

These are some of the steps to start mobile Provisioning Center (Dispensary).



1. Be aware of the quantity of your stock. Ensure that you have enough stock to provide to the clients. This will give you estimation on the number of clients that you require for your products. This information will also give you enough estimation of the marijuana that you need for delivery.

2. Make sure you get your marijuana medical card from authorities. This idea will be good for you and your clients. This will definitely help you to recognize the location of the client that requires the product from your Provisioning Center (Dispensary).

3. You need to be prepared mentally. Keep in mind that this is a business that is bit abnormal from others. Be aware that you will responsible for the clients who might be the victims of any side effects or any effect of any kind.

4. Have a better way of marketing your business. Advertisement for any product or any service is highly valuable. This will make clients know your service and realize that you offer patient delivery. Have the best advertising that will make major realization of the existence for your delivery work. Make sure that your advertisement services are accessing to a maximum number of people who might require your delivery services.

5. Find a good way of keeping your records. Records keeping will be the best option in your Provisioning Center (Dispensary) delivery services that you will be offering. This will be helping you to know when you are either in progress of success, or a failure. Keep records in most digital means to ensure that you will easily go through them whenever needed.

6. Best means of transport and delivery means. When starting this you must seek the best vehicles that will help in accessing the places that are hard to get to in order to service your clients to the maximum. In case of any emergency need of a delivery, one will be able to access the client easily.

7. Communication means. Ensure you have the best means of communications that will allow all your clients to access you whenever they require ordering your service. Select 4G services for your internet access. Make sure that the phone used will be meant for your clients only. This will help in making sure that whoever makes a call will be in need of the services from you.

8. Permits and licenses for the business. Ensure that you have all the licensing required by the authority for the business. Visit the state licensing boards for the permit to proceed with the delivery services. Having the proper permits from the authority will make sure clients keep trust in you. It will also keep you away from the wrong arm of law.

9. Financial plan. Have a good plan on how to run the program and the delivery services. Check any or all extra costs that will incur when running a service business. Everything that will demand a cost needs to be in the schedule.


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