The longtime dark image of marijuana is fast diminishing. This conventional belief that has tainted its use and prompted its illegalization in quite a number of states in America and worldwide is being deconstructed by the recent revelations by researchers that in reality, Marijuana has health benefits. In the wake of this realization, its legalization is an option many states are considering. One such state is Michigan which had earlier made it illegal to possess or use Marijuana for recreational purposes.

The Michigan Marijuana initiative may appear on the ballot around November this year. If voted in support of the legalization, the law will make possession and use of marijuana for recreational purposes legal for persons above 21 years.

With this new law possibly coming in place around November, medical dispensaries for marijuana which are small facilities regulated by the local governments and which are allowed to sell marijuana for medical or recreational use will be established in their numbers to control its supply and use.
Are you interested in setting up one?
Here are some of the things you need to know:

Get a location

Like any other facility, you will need a location where all your activities will be based. There are a number of cities in Michigan State that would be viable for this. Such cities include Detroit, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, and Livonia.

With a location that is perfect for setting up the Provisioning Center (Dispensary), get consent from the city municipal administration. In Detroit for example, the city Municipal has proposed that such facilities be established in particular zoned areas far off from drug-free zones (1000 feet apart). Other requirements and considerations such as parking space that is common when setting up facilities have also been taken into account.

In cities where such control enactments are yet to be introduced, it is advisable that when settling for them, select areas which will be accommodative in the near future in case they are introduced. This can, of course, be done through consultation with the relevant authorities, in this case, the respective municipals of these cities

Obtaining the permission

After you have settled on an ideal location, the next thing is, of course, obtaining approval from the authorities. It will require you to make a formal application to the authorities. This must be accompanied by a site plan that must comply with the city’s ultimate plans on zoned areas. In some cases, a public hearing session will be scheduled upon which you must be convincing enough and clearly show how you intend to comply with the state laws that control the use of marijuana. Public approval is equally important in your quest. Putting all these into consideration will no doubt guarantee authorization by the state.

Getting the license

After you have successfully gone through the initial processes, the next crucial stage is obtaining a permit. Many applicants fail at this stage because of the strict requirements. It is, therefore, critical to prepare in advance and put in place all relevant documentation that may be needed.

If you have operated a business before, especially one with typical restrictions, your chances may be elevated. Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, in this case, will be primarily in charge of all licensing activities. Due to the nature of this industry, a thorough background check will sure be conducted.
Like I had mentioned, those who have successfully ran businesses before might have their profile lifted. They will, however, be required to provide the licensing body with their past records to prove that they can indeed run a business. Another more critical requirement involve individual criminal record.

The following is a list of possible additional considerations that will be important for license approval:

~ Cannabis transfer compliance documents

~ Employee records and training – mainly a history of employees you plan to employ in the Provisioning Center (Dispensary) and how well they are trained to handle the drug. The employees should also have a clean criminal background.

~ General operating procedures such as security plans, proper waste management plan, emergency evacuation plans and storage and handling of cannabis.

~ Proper inventory keeping that to ensure appropriate tracking of purchase and sale of marijuana

~ Clear cannabis transportation records

~ Restricted access compliance- since the dispensaries will be operating in restricted areas

In the heat of marijuana legalization campaign, the November polls will no doubt be in favor of the campaign. It is therefore advisable to start your journey timely towards setting up the Provisioning Center (Dispensary) as early as now.