A medical marijuana card is basically an identification document in the size of an ID card that allows patients through a doctor’s recommendation to obtain marijuana for personal use. Authorities normally issue these cards in states where medical marijuana is legal. In the wake of marijuana legalization for medical use across states in the United States of America, medical marijuana cards are increasingly on the rise.

In Michigan, patients must register with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program; a body mandated by law to issue the cards and is also in charge of ensuring responsible use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Advantages of having the card

Possession of this card comes with the most obvious benefit of using marijuana without any legal implications in a state where the use of the drug would ideally attract charges. Other than this, there are a number of other benefits that cardholders enjoy. They include:

~ Access to best marijuana dispensaries within Michigan- These dispensaries are permitted within the law to sell medicinal marijuana and therefore ensure marijuana usage is in line with your health requirements. They additionally stock high quality marijuana with reduced negative health implications.

~ Complete legal protection- Marijuana possession and use is punishable by law in some of these states. Michigan has not entirely legalized marijuana and subsequently, possession or use outside the requirements of the law may attract significant periods of jail term. Having a marijuana card shields you from all these. Compliance to the prescription is however highly encouraged. The card will allow you to hold specific quantities of marijuana at any given time. Under the current law, a patient is permitted to hold 2.5 ounces of marijuana at any particular time. Its use must also be guided by the doctor’s prescription. Compliance to all these is important to avoid being stripped off your card.

~ Growing your cannabis plants- Under the Michigan law, cardholders are allowed to grow their cannabis plants. 12 plants maximum can be grown in a closed area as required under the law. This enables you to save on the cost of regular purchase from the dispensaries.

~ Lastly, having a marijuana card in Michigan will enable you to access medication and marijuana dosage as regular as you may need them. You can also carry it with you anywhere without fear and use it whenever the the need arises.

Legislations that control the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes are common in most states across the United States. The benefits are also common for any user across the states. More encouraging, these cards are also widely accepted across the states because the practice is similar. You therefore will not be needed to get an additional card when moving into other states. Michigan particularly allows cards from other states as long as the users are within the law.

How to get the card in Michigan

With all the benefits that come with the card, it is expected that a lot of people, some with ingenuine health cases would rush to get the card just to enjoy marijuana freely. So how does the state guarantee that such characters are weeded out, and only those with sincere cases are considered? Well, there is a procedure that is followed to obtain these cards.

It includes:

~ Patients must obtain their past health records that describe their diagnosis. It must show the need for medicinal marijuana. It can be obtained from their regular caregivers who have their health records.

~ Next, connect with any licensed marijuana physician currently practicing in Michigan to obtain a statement.

~ Since the card will be widely used in Michigan State, applicants must be residents of Michigan with, of course with a valid proof of residence.

~ Additionally, for a patient to qualify, he or she must be diagnosed with any of the conditions that need medicinal marijuana. Some of the conditions include HIV/AIDS, Migraines (severe), glaucoma, cancer and any of the chronic diseases. Extra conditions that require marijuana use will be advised accordingly by the physician. This will help weed out those with any insincere cases because thorough check-up will be conducted before any recommendations are made.

~ Patients will then proceed to register with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program at a fee. Registration for any user is mandatory under the Michigan law of medical marijuana.

~ Lastly, fill up an application form (available online) with your personal details. Accompany the application form with all the medical reports and statements from the physician if such is required.